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This site is a repository for genealogical information pertaining to the Wyers surname--in all of its spellings: Wyers, Wyres, Wires, Wire, Wyer, Wyre, Whyre, Wayer, Wayers, Ware, Wares, Warise, Wyses, Wiers,  Wijers, and Weyers, plus several others. Anyone who has one of these surnames or who has information about any of them is invited to submit to this site. Submissions are sent via electronic mail to: norm@normwyers.com.   

Entries are stored in separate files, using names provided by the submitter. Each contributor is identified by name and electronic mail address and is solely responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of submissions.

It is hoped that sharing information in this manner will be of assistance to those of us who are conducting genealogical research about the Wyers surname.

Additionally, I have found many websites which have helped me in the acquisition of genealogical, historical, and geographical information. Some of my favorites include:


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