Roots, Branches, and Leaves

Families, like rivers,  have tributaries. This website is dedicated to the Norm Wyers tributary, just one of the tributaries which currently comprise the Wyers family, a family distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Italy. Only my son (Peter Jon Wyers) or my daughter (Abby Elizabeth Wyers) can introduce a new tributary, for there are no others in the tributary who are named Wyers.  Abby's sons, Forrest Augustgus Sage and Jasper Joseph Sage, are at present the only members of the next Wyers generation, and they have been given the last name of their father, David Sage.

My purpose in developing this account of the Norm Wyers tributary is to make certain the world knows we existed and continue to exist. Life is fleeting , just as it is uneven. Surely, telling our stories keeps us going during the times of turmoil, chaos, oppression, and joy. This is my attempt to tell my story in the context of the others with whom I have shared life in the Wyers family.

In 1997, I attended the annual Wyers family reunion in Winfield, Alabama. It was the first time I had been with others whose last name was the same as mine. It was an amazing experience. Some of those Wyers are trying to help me learn more about my paternal grandfather, Marshall James Wyers, and his line.  We now have some information about his father, John Wesley Wyers, and his grandfather, Joseph Wyers (who died in Vicksburg in 1862, a private in the Confederate Army).  If you have information about any of them, please contact me at the email address in the following paragraph.

This account of the Norm Wyers tributary is for Peter, Abby, Forrest, Jasper, additional members of my tributary, and of all the other Wyers tributaries throughout the world. I hope that they will find this account interesting and that they will be in touch with me at for any reason.

Revised October 19, 2010

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